Retiree Premium Refund Process

As a Member of the Long-Term Disability Plan entitled to apply for the reimbursement of 41 weeks of LTD premiums upon retirement. Plan members collecting LTD benefits at the time of retirement or reaching max contractual obligations have already had their premiums waived, while on an approved LTD leave.

To apply for reimbursement

To apply for reimbursement, you must submit written confirmation that you are on pension and the actual retirement date by completing the “Application Form for Reimbursement of LTD Premiums for Retirees”.

Along with the application form, you must also include your final Retirement Benefits Letter from CPKC Pension Services (please see sample “Final Letter from CP Pension Services”). If you do not have this letter, please contact CPKC Pension Services at 1-888-511-7557.

The Board of Trustees meets on a quarterly basis and at the meetings each application is reviewed and if everything is in order, your application will be approved for payment.

Click here to download the application form.